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Video Game Trailer Editor Los Angeles, CAAt Create Advertising Group, our video game trailer editors in Los Angeles, CA are well aware of the do’s and don’ts when making game trailers. First impressions really are everything, so it is paramount that your game sneak-peek snags a viewer’s attention right away. Your trailer should have a sizzle reel that reveals some of its best parts, but still keeps your audience wanting more! When done well, a game trailer has the power to drive an emotion and pique interest within the first couple seconds. If you take too long to allure, then your viewer won’t be intrigued. 

The structure of a strong game trailer is always the same, as it includes:

  • Beginning with a short introduction that grabs attention 
  • Adding footage of the game with a few quotes if desired
  • Ending with an appealing call-to-action so the viewer knows where and how they can get the game

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of crafting a gaming trailer, it’s important to keep these in mind: 

DO: Focus Spotlight on Game Play

Viewers are watching your trailer so they can see what the game is like to play, which is why this is where the focal point needs to be. Aside from the introduction and call-to-action at the end of the trailer, the rest of the footage should be related to gameplay. Think of it like it’s a movie trailer, in which events are teased and viewers get a glimpse into the story, but they are left with curiosity to find out more.  

DON’T: Rush the Process

It is possible that there’s a deadline for the game trailer, which a Los Angeles video game trailer editor from CA understands completely and can meet for you. However, the more time you have to let the creative process happen, the more attention is given to something you have already spent so much time and energy on. When choosing the right video game trailer editor, it is imperative that you pick someone who is innovative, dedicated, and has a knack for creating compelling content.

DON’T: Just Edit as You Go

There are specific strategies to use when creating a video game trailer. It is not advised that you edit-as-you-go, because then you don’t have some idea of the story you want to tell. The first step would be recording enough footage, more than you think you’ll need, so you have more freedom and mix and match later.

 4 Different Types of Video Game Trailers

Even though all video game trailers have the main objective of enticing gamers towards a brand-new title, they all have diverse ways to accomplish it. These different structures mostly depend on the timing before the game’s launch date. After all, you do not want to give away too much of your game too early. Learn more about the different trailer types and how each can aid your game’s marketing plan. 

1. Announcement

An announcement trailer is likely the first look people will have of your project. You want something that makes a strong impression. At the same time, this video may come out when the game is still in development, so there might not be enough material to show. A video game trailer editor in Los Angeles, CA such as Create Advertising Group can craft a teaser trailer that includes recognizable elements, establishes the world and announces the game clearly while also building some mystique around it.


2. Story 

Often the second major trailer after the announcement, the story trailer displays the basic premise of your game, some of the main characters and an exciting action scene or two. This trailer is especially important if the story is a major attraction. Most story trailers either use some of the game’s cutscenes or consist of a longer, entirely original cutscene. You can display some gameplay, but it is not necessary for this trailer. 


3. Launch

When the game is at least one week away from release date, the launch trailer usually comes out. By this point, the game is complete, so you can demonstrate any footage you wish. However, there are probably still some surprises you want players to experience themselves. A video game trailer editor in Los Angeles, CA can strike a careful balance between featuring new content that can persuade last-minute buyers and avoiding spoilers that can ruin the experience for dedicated fans. 


4. Others

There are also other trailers that do not specifically fit these categories. For instance, you might want to highlight specific characters, features, settings or other gameplay aspects through their own dedicated videos. You may also want to promote post-release updates such as downloadable content, special editions and others. You can collaborate with a video game trailer editor in Los Angeles, CA employed by Create Advertising Group so you can receive trailers that fit your intended goals.

Video game trailers can be an effective way to build hype for the project, but they are not interchangeable. Remember these differences so you can select fitting videos for your work.

4 Steps to Take to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Crafting a video game trailer can involve some knowledge about what works to capture an audience and what does not. The more you edit your trailers to keep your audience’s eyes and focus on what is in front of them, the more the game will stay in their memory.

1. Showcase the Gameplay

While cutscenes are important, your audience will likely want to know what the actual gameplay looks like before they purchase the game. Adding in a large number of moments of typical gameplay can help you show anyone watching how much fun the core of the game is and they can expect to see once they buy it.

Waiting too long into the trailer to add in these moments can have your audience slightly confused and wondering what the game is about. Contacting a Video Game Trailer Editor in Los Angeles, CA, can help you with this step.

2. Emphasize the Title

Showing the footage of others using the game is exciting, but if your audience does not remember the actual title then it may impact sales. Getting the name of the series or product to stay in the audience’s mind can be a struggle, and if the title is not on screen long enough, they may not be able to search for it later. This is one part of the trailer you can talk about to a Video Game Trailer Editor in Los Angeles, CA, like Create.

3. Give an Introduction

Many people may have never heard of your game before, and it is important to start from the beginning whenever you showcase a whole new story. Take the time to go over important details and characters or gameplay mechanics, in order to introduce everyone to what your game is about.

Lingering shots on interesting moments or parts of the story can help people to grasp what makes your game special. Talking to a Video Game Trailer Editor in Los Angeles, CA, like Create, can also be a step you want to take.

4. Have a Hook

Keeping your audience’s attention can be tough if you do not have something that draws them in right away. Having a hook, with an interesting character or sequence, at the start of a trailer can help everyone to take notice of the great gameplay that is to come. You can describe these kinds of edits you want to a Video Game Trailer Editor in Los Angeles, CA, to get feedback.

A Los Angeles, CA video game trailer editor from Create Advertising Group is ready to speak with you about your project needs, all you have to do is give us a ring today!

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