Streaming Trailer Agency Los Angeles, CA

Streaming Trailer Agency Los Angeles, CA The innovative team at Create Advertising Group, your neighborly streaming trailer agency in Los Angeles, CA, knows that when the lights go dim in a theater this is the exact moment an audience nestles in for trailers to begin. However, many trailers do not solely exist in the movies any longer, as more people are streaming from the comfort of their own homes instead.

A trailer is an integral component of marketing a movie. It serves as an introduction and first impression that can make or break the success of the film. While technically, a trailer is a marketing tool, it is an art form that must be created by professionals who are knowledgeable in the craft. 

Here are examples of strategies we may use when creating a trailer that captivates an audience, while not giving away too much:

Engaging the Viewer Within Seconds

A trailer must engage the viewer in a couple seconds or less, and this is especially true for streaming online. For trailers that are seen when scrolling through facebook, instagram, or another social media platform, the viewer has to be caught immediately, otherwise they’ll just keep scrolling onto something else. There’s so much on the internet to snag a viewer’s attention, so you’ll need a team who is strategic and understands the importance of this. A team member from our Los Angeles, CA streaming trailer agency is happy to talk more with you about how to lure in viewers.

Provide Audience with an Action To Take

Use your trailer to get the audience to take action in some way, whether that be purchasing your movie or joining a mailing list. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity to draw people in. If the movie is not available to rent or purchase at that moment in time, then encourage mail sign-ups instead.

Leave the Audience Tastefully Hanging

The best trailers give you a glimpse into the main characters, sets up the core conflict, and then ends on a big cliffhanger so your audience is left with a feeling unresolved. In this way with a little mystery, they yearn to know more. If it is done tastefully and thoughtfully, a trailer will stir feelings in viewers for the main character, and they’ll be compelled to find out more about the story or conflict. If the audience gets a general sense of the plot but some details are left to be revealed, they’ll surely be drawn in to watch. 

For quality creativity that you can depend on to make your movie shine, contact Create Advertising Group today, your local CA streaming trailer agency in Los Angeles!