Movie Trailer Production Los Angeles, CA

Movie Trailer Production Los Angeles, CA

At Create Advertising Group, our company for movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA has vast experience creating trailers that make a statement and get viewers interested. We can imagine that you’ve worked hard on a recent movie, and now want to get people talking about it, so it builds anticipation for the film release. We can use various strategies and be quite innovative in our methods, so if you choose us to make a trailer for you, you won’t regret it. 

Here are four ways to make your film stand out from the rest: 

Go Out with a Bang

For trailers, you have to nail the landing. A trailer must have a high note, include memorable scenes, and showcase a storyline that is engaging. If you have a strong cliffhanger or prominent moment, it can be used near the end of the trailer as a way to pull your viewer deeper into the story. By going out with a bang, the trailer leaves a lasting impression and encourages the viewer to learn more. 

Highlight Standout Performance

Does your film have a well-known star or an amazing performance from one of the leading actors? As your Los Angeles, CA movie trailer production team member may suggest, you can put your talent front and center in the trailer as an effective way to highlight a key point in the film, while letting a bright moment shine.

Scatter Bread Crumbs

This approach works well for comedies, dramas, and genre films. Let’s say you have an incredible story with a structure that cannot be outdone, but you don’t want people to know it yet. Choose key moments from the movie and present them in a way that piques interest, but doesn’t reveal everything. If your viewer feels like they know what happens in the movie after watching the trailer, then not enough secrecy was utilized. Don’t forget that scattering the breadcrumbs will ultimately lead people to watching your movie. Draw them in but keep them guessing.

Give ‘Em What They Want

If you have a hit movie, then there is zero shame in creating a trailer that focuses on the main selling points for the film. Give your viewers what they want by making the trailer exciting, visceral, captivating, and something they just can’t forget. It is possible to allure your viewers without ruining the ending. Bold yet mysterious is paramount! 

4 Elements Found in Every Successful Movie Trailer

Trailers are essential to your movie’s marketing since they promote it directly to movie-loving audiences who are watching other movies. Assembling a potentially effective trailer requires the right ingredients, but they are not always obvious. Learn more about the elements a company may use in movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA to create your advert. 

1. Defined Characters

The characters in your story may have relatable goals and compelling story arcs that are appropriate for a feature-length story. However, a trailer has the arduous task of selling these characters in a fraction of that time. People should identify the main character and his or her main objective. Do not forget to highlight the antagonist and the opposing goal. A supporting character or two can spice things up, but the dialogue and visuals should focus on these contrasting forces. 

2. Story Structure

If a firm like Create Advertising Group can define the characters, you will have an easier time crafting a story structure. Audiences should know what happens in the trailer so they can sample the story and decide if it interests them. The trailer should have a mini story of its own, with the set-up, inciting incident and resolution. This mini story can be a truncated version of your movie’s plot or its own story to avoid spoilers. Movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA can edit the music, dialogue and visuals of movie clips to create a small narrative that fulfills either objective. 

3. Clear Genre and Tone

Your movie likely has a clear genre and tone to attract a specific audience. The trailer should reflect these choices to paint an accurate picture of the movie. For example, if your film is an action-adventure blockbuster, the editors at Create Advertising Group can add several quick clips of action scenes and exciting moments. Meanwhile, a personal drama would require slower pacing, emotional scenes that display the actors’ performances and a melancholic tone. 

4. Fitting Music

Music plays a key role in trailers like yours. It helps establish the tone and emotions you want for the video. Whether you use a popular song or a sample from the film’s soundtrack, movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA can ensure the music syncs perfectly with the movie clips. If the preview does not use music, then sound effects themselves can be memorable and rhythmic when edited precisely. 

Movie trailers are unique from one another, but they all share some elements that can make them successful. Make sure that the trailer for your upcoming project includes them. 

Why Movie Trailers Are Important For Your Film

You have seen many movie trailers in your life, and some of them probably stand out as being particularly effective. Have you ever thought about how often a trailer has convinced you to see a movie? Movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA is all about ticking a few crucial boxes so that your trailer will serve the important role of appealing your movie to audiences.


Your movie trailer is the primary marketing medium for your film. It condenses the appeal of your movie into a bite-sized chunk that can be distributed to various marketing platforms. People expect to see movie trailers at the theater or on Internet video services, so a firm like Create Advertising Group can use those chances to catch the audience’s attention.

Establishing the Genre

Your movie trailer will reveal just enough about the plot to establish the genre your film fits into. When an audience sees your trailer, they will be much more excited about your project if they know it’s in a genre they enjoy. A key component of movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA is to know the niche a product serves and use that knowledge to maximize marketability.

Providing Release Information

For many viewers, your movie trailer will be their first introduction to your film. Your trailer will include a date or range when the full movie will be released, as well as information on viewing platforms and distribution. Create Advertising Group understands that an audience may lose interest if they are not given a solid timeframe to expect your movie.

Showcasing Actors

Star power and on-screen talent are celebrated aspects of movie trailer production in Los Angeles, CA. Trailers are the perfect way to show fans that their favorite celebrities are involved in a new project. Your movie trailer will also present a great opportunity for any up-and-coming actors to showcase their ability for the first time.

Selling Audiences on Your Movie

All of the aspects that make movie trailers important to your film can be summarized in one key point. Your movie trailer will serve to create a dedicated audience before your film is even released. Viewers who are sold on your trailer will generate pre-order revenue on your movie tickets, helping to continue funding your project or future projects. The power of word-of-mouth can not be overstated either, as excited fans can help generate chatter and online buzz about your groundbreaking movie trailer.

The making of a successful trailer

Crate understands that a successful trailer is a requirement if your marketing campaign is to bring in the audience you deserve. They make use of what’s called ‘4 Elements Found in Every Successful Movie Trailer’ which includes:

1.   Defined characters – obviously there isn’t time to develop the characters as one would in a full movie, but you need enough definition for the audience to identify with at least the protagonist and the anti-protagonist.

2.   Story structure – here you want a mini-story that viewers will recognize when they see the completed movie. The trailer needs the same sort of pacing as the film – action or romance or drama or comedy, etc.

3.   Clear genre and tone – you want the same genre and tone you have for your full length production in your trailer. Create can add short clips that reflect the same nature and kind as your film.

4.   Fitting music – music that fits in the same way the big production’s music fits. Where better to find the right music for your movie trailer production than in Los Angeles, CA.

Note, more details on these four elements can be found on our website page listed above.

How your trailer should be edited

The editing of your trailer is at least as important as the editing of your whole movie, maybe even more. It is the primary method you’ll use to help your audience find your movie. The basic elements of editing a trailer include:

Scene selection – the scenes for your trailer should be similar or even the same as your movie and reflect the tone of it as well.

Background music – the music you choose should reflect and convey the mood of your movie.

Length and Timing – judging the length and timing of your trailer can be tricky because it’s not always easy to match the trailer’s pacing with the movie’s, yet that is exactly what needs to be done. Create has extensive experience creating excellent trailers. Working with them on timing is apt to make your trailer much better, which in turn will often lead to a significantly large audience.

Voice over effects – these are at least as important in your trailer as they are in the full production, but more difficult to achieve because of the condensed space. The right movie trailer production company in Los Angeles, CA can help you get the results you want.

4 Ways Editing Can Improve Your Movie Trailer

Well-edited movie trailers can leave an audience full of excitement and ready for more. No matter what kind of movie you are shooting, extra editing can help you craft an excellent trailer that captures the imagination of the people who watch it. Learning about how editing helps can allow you to make the choice for yourself.

1. Scene Selection

Choosing the right scene for the right moment can make all the difference. If you are showcasing a dramatic storyline, using a scene that accidentally highlights a funny moment may not help your trailer. Some kinds of editing allow a trailer to flow naturally and keep your audience engaged throughout the whole video. Contacting a Movie Trailer Production in Los Angeles, CA, could help you.

2. Background Music

While you may enjoy listening to one kind of music in your free time, that style of music may not fit with the emotion you want to convey in your trailers. Whether you want a more upbeat kind of feeling or a more serious one, tailoring these details to fit what vision you want can help audiences to become mesmerized with the trailer. Talking with a Movie Trailer Production in Los Angeles, CA, like Create, may allow you to express what kind of tone you want the trailer to have.

3. Length and Timing

Getting every detail correct, right down to the exact second, can help the trailer have a serious impact on whoever watches it. This includes editing scenes to be shorter than they were originally. You may also discover that some scenes look better when they can play a bit longer, which may change the structure of your trailer.

Timing each clip to the music and title cards can also help the trailer have the impact you want when people view it. This kind of editing can happen if you call a Movie Trailer Production in Los Angeles, CA, like Create.

4. Voice-overs and Effects

One of the most overlooked parts of a trailer is the number of effects and sounds you can add to emphasize certain points in the video. This can add dramatic tension or even highlight a funny line from a character. Being able to edit these details can help you take your trailer to a new height. If you are curious what other editing you may need, you can contact a Movie Trailer Production in Los Angeles, CA.

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There are numerous other ways to keep your audience guessing, while drawing them in to see your film. We’d love to hear about your movie project and how we can attend to your creative needs. Call Create Advertising Group today so a professional for movie trailer production in Los Angeles, California can get your trailer started!

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