Movie Trailer Producer Los Angeles, CA

Movie Trailer Producer Los Angeles, CAIf you are wondering how a movie trailer producer in Los Angeles, CA from Create Advertising Group makes the best trailers, then we hope you’re inclined to keep reading. We know that a trailer can have a major influence on how many people watch the movie. It is our job to cast your movie project in such a way that people just can’t wait to watch. Here we have provided tips that the professionals use to reel in an audience and optimize movie success:

Using a Three-Act Structure

Trailers should set the tone for a riveting story that lures the audience in with emotional investment. The ideal approach to achieving this is through the three-act story structure. The first part of the trailer should introduce main characters, the setting they are in, and film premise. The middle should escalate the conflict, and then end with a climax that leaves some mystery. When brainstorming the trailer structure, it can help to have storyboards of scenes to guide through the editing process. 

Focus on Unforgettable Scenes

Captivating scenes that don’t spoil the plot points are best to use in a trailer. This can be a difficult element of creating a movie trailer, because you don’t want to give too much away yet still convince the audience they should see the film. It will be important to choose scenes that set the right tone for the movie. For example, a trailer for a comedy movie must have some of the funniest jokes, but are scenes that don’t ruin the plot for viewers. 

Highlight Actor Talent

A movie trailer should have plenty of content showing big-name or star actors. It may be appropriate to add names of producers, writers, and/or directors if it helps convince the viewer that this is a film they cannot miss. If you highlight popular actors heavily in the trailer, it will stick more easily in a viewer’s mind. Don’t be afraid to put your known-talent forward! 

Setting Tone with Music

As your CA movie trailer producer in Los Angeles may tell you, effective trailers become more elevated when there is a good use of music. For instance, a thriller suspense shouldn’t have pop songs or sounds that set a romantic mood. For dramas, it’s common to use strong orchestral music over clips of emotional scenes. If needed, songs from stock libraries may be purchased instead of spending time and money creating something only to be used for a single trailer. 

Choose Between 4 Different Types of Movie Trailers

Trailers are effective movie marketing tools since they are direct previews of your project. But there are times where you want to impact viewers in different ways, so you will need to take different approaches accomplish that. As you see a movie trailer producer in Los Angeles, CA, you might have to choose the right trailer for your current goals. 

1. Teaser Trailers

Teaser trailers are the first step in your project’s marketing strategy. As the name suggests, they provide the audience with a small tease of the movie. They are usually released early in production, so you might not have enough finished footage. However, trailer editors at Create Advertising Group can use it and other assets to create a small, but powerful taste of the movie’s characters, visuals, tone and themes.  

2. Main Trailers

Perhaps the most familiar type of the group, main trailers are longer and show off more of the film than the teasers. Due to the increased runtime, a movie trailer producer in Los Angeles, CA can also create a small three-act narrative that introduces the characters and world, sets up a conflict and ends on a cliffhanger or unresolved climax. This structure ensures the viewers develop an attachment to your project, while also enticing them to check it out when it releases to satisfy their curiosity. Most films usually have two main trailers.  

3. Creative Trailers

Creative trailers are similar to teaser trailers in that they barely use footage from your movie itself and rely on other assets to create anticipation. Where they differ is that these previews are longer, have their own narratives and promote the movie via a character focus or backstory not seen in the final cut. Creative trailers can essentially preview your story without actually spoiling it. These mini-movies can flex your creative muscles and can be a great investment if you are confident about your characters and world. 

4. Promo Spots

The last wave of marketing before the premiere may include promo spots. These trailers are essentially shorter versions of the main trailers, usually lasting a minute or less. These clips will most likely air on television, but you can reach more people if you also feature them online, preferably right before playing a video. A movie trailer producer in Los Angeles, CA such as Create Advertising Group can even add quotes from post-release reviews to further sell your project.  

Movie trailers all have different purposes depending on the marketing strategy chosen for your movie. Once you know all trailer types, you can select the appropriate videos for the task. 

Your movie deserves to be showcased in the best way by professionals who know the filming industry. To learn more about how a Los Angeles movie trailer producer in CA from Create Advertising Group can help with your movie project, call today!