Movie Trailer Creator Los Angeles, CA

Movie Trailer Production Company Los Angeles, CAOur movie trailer creators in Los Angeles, CA from Create Advertising Group know how to create something that people will never forget. If you want to have a teaser video or movie trailer done, then the professionals out our company are more than happy to learn about your ideas and needs. To create a trailer that really works, here are just a few strategies that can go a long way in luring in an audience: 

The Initial Few Seconds Matter Most

You have less than a few seconds to reel in your viewer, otherwise you’ve lost them. To do this, you have to showcase something at the beginning of the trailer so intriguing that the viewer wants to stop and tune in. With so much content out there, especially on social media platforms, you have to be strategic in drawing in the viewer immediately.

If you have a well-known actor in the movie or a certain scene that is particularly powerful, then this should be featured in the first 1-2 seconds of the trailer. Capturing the attention of a viewer is almost like science, as it takes a finely-tuned eye and years of experience to know how to accomplish this. Don’t hesitate to contact a CA movie trailer creator in Los Angeles about how to make the most out of your trailer!

Be Thoughtful About Video and Text

Keep a balance between the video clips and what text you add into the trailer. Your scenes should tell the story for you, so unless a point needs to be emphasized, it’s better to rely on your visual material instead of text. The last thing you want is to frustrate your audience because they are left with confusion.

It’s a difficult balance to strike with the use of visuals, text, voice-over, and music. For this reason, many movie-makers come to us at Create Advertising Group to have a trailer made for them. Especially after you’ve put so much work into the movie in itself, our services can yield the relief you are looking for right about now!

Keep the Trailer Short 

After consulting with you about the type of trailer you are looking for, we can let you know exactly how long it should be in duration. On average, most trailer videos last between 30-60 seconds, which is often plenty to present an overview of the movie and get viewers engaged with it. If the trailer provides them with more questions than answers, without confusing them, the more captivated they will be. And thus, this increases the chances that they’ll make the effort to watch the entire movie!  

If you are looking for a dedicated team that can surely make your movie shine with an intriguing trailer, then contact our Los Angeles, CA movie trailer creators at Create Advertising Group today!