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Movie Marketing Agency Los Angeles, CAIf you are looking for a skilled movie marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA, then your search can end here at Create Advertising Group! We understand all things film and how important it is to market a movie strategically, so that more people tune in to watch. Hype must be built up within a short period of time leading up to a launch. Here are examples of tactics that are often used to create a strong online presence and campaign for an upcoming movie:

Build Word of Mouth

Some film-seers cannot be lured into a theater with only a trailer or ad campaign. They would rather hear from those they trust, and for many, that means family, friends, bloggers, leading critics, and social media influencers. If you can get a conversation going among people regarding the film, then you can draw in viewers you may not have otherwise been able to reach. 

Host a Public Event

Most people are used to seeing advertisements for movies on the television or online. But what they see less of is a live event that promotes the film. If you have the budget, these events can make a more memorable impression, making people more inclined to buy a ticket versus just seeing a web or commercial ad. 

Create a Hook Trailer

Movie trailers are a large part of marketing a movie. A strong trailer must be compelling enough to grab someone’s attention within a few short seconds. With so many options for entertainment on television and online, if a viewer’s curiosity isn’t piqued right away, then you’ve probably lost them. If there’s a target audience, it will be imperative that you snag their attention quickly with well-crafted storytelling. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Movie Marketing Agency

Creating a successful movie can be a challenge. A movie marketing agency has the expertise and experience to help you with the process of getting your film seen as widely as possible. Filmmakers, producers, and actors interested in developing their next projects will find us an invaluable resource. We are experts in film marketing and know-how to make sure your release is as successful as possible.

1. Expertise

A movie marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA can offer expert guidance on marketing your film and attracting the attention of news media. You hire experts to act, direct and produce your movie, so hire an expert to market your production, so they can use their knowledge and connections to bring attention to your film.

2. Post-Production

Many agencies can help with post-production. In addition, we can suggest trailers and video marketing clips that can help make your film viral before its release. Let us help with effects, promos, social media, and more. A professional movie marketing company will have access to all of the necessary resources to finish and market your film including top-notch editing equipment, software, and talent.

3. Relevancy

Movie industry trends change constantly. Your production needs to understand how to reach potential viewers and use the latest marketing technology to reach them. Our experts stay updated on the latest research and trends so you can target the viewers you want.

4. Positioning

You should promote your film to the widest audience possible. Making the right connections with Create, a movie marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA, will help you get the most attention for your movie. We can ensure that your film receives the promotion and attention it needs to attract audiences by using our relationships with news media, influencers, and venues. 

5. Efficiency

A movie marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA has the tools and expertise to help you complete your post-production, create trailers, and develop marketing campaigns quickly so your production gains awareness and builds momentum before the release. In order to maximize your chances of reaching an audience, plan your promo and release schedule with the help of our team.

With the rise of social media and new platforms, there are a million different ways to get your movie seen and heard by the public. It can be challenging to know what marketing efforts to commit to and what to leave behind. Let Create help you finish and market your production so your movie can attract big audiences.

What Marketing Strategies Get Attention for Movies?

There are a lot of factors that go into a movie’s success. In the film industry, marketing can make or break a film. A comprehensive strategy and advertising campaign can be necessary to market a movie effectively. These campaigns should multiply the potential for your movie to go viral and get people talking about it.

1. Live Events

Live events can generate significant interest in movies and provide a way for audiences to directly engage with you and your process. Planning and running live events with a Movie Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA such as Create can ensure your events are exceptional, well-attended, covered by news media and attract potential viewers for your film.

2. Social Media

Websites, social media platforms, and listings on sites like IMDB are vital to promoting your film. You can use these platforms to create buzz, build a following, and share updates like casting or teaser trailers. These platforms may only be effective with captivating content that uses search and hashtag optimization, so a social media strategy that uses the right platform and content may be necessary to gain attention and build a following. 

3. Digital Media

One of the best ways to engage audiences is through teaser trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, and other digital media. But what will have the most impact on viewers and what strategies will encourage them to watch your videos? And what kind of editing can make your videos and other content successful? Use a Movie Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA to guide your seeding strategy and help you create digital content that captures the attention of the public.

4. News Media 

Press releases, junkets and other media outlets and events can require connections you as an individual may not have. A Movie Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, CA like Create can use its connections to issue press releases, set up press events and invite key news media to participate in your film release process. These events can also require considerable planning and organization so that they run smoothly and follow appropriate protocols. 

5. Brand Partnerships

Brands and influencers can share your content and advertise your film to their followers. They can also sponsor events or content that result in mutually beneficial marketing. Brand and influence partnerships can extend your influence to followers on social media platforms and media sources. A partnership also can build trust with audiences and give you and your film credibility.

Choosing a Movie Marketing Agency

As a team member from our CA movie marketing agency in Los Angeles may tell you, it will be vital to the success of your movie to hire an agency that is seasoned in film and marketing. If you want creativity, enthusiasm, and high-class commitment, our team has got it. We pride ourselves on innovation, compassion, and authenticity. We are ready to meet the needs for your upcoming movie, all you have to do now is call.

To learn more about how Create Advertising Group can meet your expectations, contact our movie marketing agency in Los Angeles, California today!