It Matters to Create

Create is an entertainment marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and London, with work spanning from Films, Series, and Games to Experiential, Digital/Social, Multicultural, Virtual Events and everything in-between.

We are a team of marketing professionals with a love of entertainment, a dedication to the creation of compelling content, and a passion for creativity. We strive to solve your biggest creative problems and won’t stop until we get it right.

Our Services

  • Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Platform Strategy
  • Upfronts & Newfronts
  • Editorial
  • Trailers & Spots
  • Brand Sizzles
  • Content
  • Featurettes
  • Copywriting
  • Music Composition
  • Social + Digital
  • Social Listening
  • Community Management
  • Calendar Development
  • Original Content
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Live Social Events
  • Design
  • Main Titles
  • Key Art
  • Brand Identity
  • Promo Packages
  • Story-Board
  • Animation & VFX
  • Original Content
  • Live Action Shoots
  • Still Photography Shoots
  • Remote Production
  • Virtual Events
  • Real-time Previsualization
  • Stage and Production Planning
  • Information Architecture & Speech Writing
  • Real-time Editorial & Design
  • Experiential
  • VR / AR Development
  • OOH
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Game Art & Engineering Assistance
  • 16x9 and 360 Gameplay Capture
  • Convert VFX Assets to Real-Time Assets
  • Finishing
  • 4K & HDR Picture
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Mixing

Who’s in charge?

Everyone! But we really couldn’t do it without these folks. They understand the importance of the culture and that the work that goes out the door is a product of the spirit behind it.



Zoe Chau

VP, Creative Director

Mark Dacey

VP, Executive Creative Director

Callie de Quevedo

SVP, Head of Integrated Marketing

Kim Nowak

Head of Digital & Social

Oyd Craddock

Creative Director, Digital & Social

Michael Trice

EVP, Head of Films

Dan Pfister

EVP, Head of Games

Dee Dee Cecil

Head Writer

Mike Sausa

Creative Director, Head of Design

Melissa Bramlett

Head of Finishing

Tom Ham

Director of Business Development, Games

Margaret Hinch

HR Director

David Miller

Head of Operations

Heather Kreamer

Head of Music

J Roen

Director of Technology

Mili Rosales

Graphics Producer

Amanda Carruthers


Natalie Vratney

Jr. Producer

Anthony "Ant" Fallon

Jr. Producer

Jake Black

Head of Experiential

Michael Gadd


Vijay Sodhi

VP, Associate Director - London

Suneil Beri

Managing Director - London

Jonathan Gitlin


David Stern


Create Better

Like most companies, Create is an ever-changing group of personalities, stories, and moving parts. Create Better is a Cultural Council of diverse employees focused on evolving our cultural competence and empowering voices throughout the company.

So how do we do it?
Better our world by improving our impact on the environment
Better our community through non-profit partnerships and events
Better our company by encouraging more diversity & inclusion
Better our people through mentorship, skills, & leadership training

Organizations we support



A client’s project is our focus, but understanding their professional and personal mission, as well as the overall brand of their company, is the key to our successful collaborations.


Assistant Editor

Overview & Responsibilities:

A successful candidate will be self-motivated, proactive, quick-thinking, flexible, able to pivot when necessary, thorough and able to juggle multiple and diverse responsibilities. You will have a strong emphasis on organization and an unwavering attention to detail at all times. This is a demanding and fast-moving position that requires someone who is a proactive and positive thinker, effective communication and able to exercise good judgment and initiative.

You will work closely with other AEs, under direct supervision of the Head of Post Production, ensuring that that all projects are finished, QCed, exported to spec, and delivered efficiently, accurately, and on time. This candidate should have a long-term interest in post production finishing or creative editorial for entertainment marketing.

Essential Duties:

Download, digitize, convert, organize, and manage assets.
Manage server, file structure, and project workflow.
Keep track of digital media, ensuring it is labeled, stored, media managed and archived correctly.
Prep and organize premiere projects for editors, including scene breakdowns, dialogue breakdowns, and shot pulls.
Prep, QC and send cuts to clients.
Create scripts and cue sheets for spots and trailer versions.
Overcut with online, final picture and sound.
Read and comprehend finishing memos and deliverable spec sheets, and deliver accordingly.
Complete picture/audio finishing sequence preps for spots and trailers according to final specs, troubleshooting any issues.
Request final graphics from graphics department according to finishing memo.
Import and cut in final graphics, spell check, alert graphics of any issues.
Import and cut in mix approvals for internal presentation approval or final client asset delivery.
Perform quality control on all final slates, video footage, graphics, and audiotracks.
Export and convert files to required specs.
Master approved trailer / spot per clients specs and deliver assets as directed by client delivery.

Position Qualifications:

Must be organized, diligent and extremely detail-oriented.
Must be capable of working in a fast-paced, team environment with hard deadlines.
Ability to manage time and plan according to tight deadlines.
Technologically savvy.
Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.
Knowledge of FTP Clients.
Understanding of frame rates, timecode, aspect ratios, and resolutions.
Understanding of audio bit depth, sample rate, codecs, track layouts, and audio formats.
Knowledge of various audio specs such as Stereo Mix, 5.1 Mix, DME splits, andCALM compliant.
Knowledge of digital video codecs including ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 4444,h264, DNxHD, Photo JPEG and bit rates (ex: 6Mbit/s vs 100Mbit/s).
Experience with video conversion tools (Quicktime Pro, Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder) and understanding of the .mov and .mp4 wrappers.
Ability to troubleshoot potential A/V digital media issues or problems- Understanding of basic editing concepts/creative editorial.

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Motion Designer

Level: Mid
Overview & Responsibilities:

The Motion Designer will work closely with our team to create top-level industry-leading graphic and motion designs for our film, gaming, and entertainment clients as well as contribute to internal creative and development projects. The Motion Designer reports directly to the Art Directors and specified Lead (2D or 3D) on a project-by-project basis. They will work with designers, animators, and producers in their day-to-day capacity.

Under the direction of the Art Directors and Leads, the Motion Designer will be responsible for the creation and execution of the project’s creative vision.  They will develop concept art, mood boards, and style frames based on the direction given to them, as well as help with motion tests and further design exploration.  They will also be responsible for production work on client-approved creative assignments.

Essential Duties:

Conceptualize, design, and animate work for a wide variety of high profile projects.
Work closely with the Art Directors to create mood boards, style frames, and other relevant materials for pitches and projects.
Work closely with the Lead 2D/3D artists to bring approved ideas to life, while also following department workflows and standards.
Collaborate closely with management teams on internal and external projects.
Contribute to brainstorming sessions and project creative meetings.

Position Qualifications:

3-4 years experience in the design, agency, or motion design field and/or a solid demo reel, portfolio.
Advanced knowledge of graphic design and typography.
Strong storytelling skills and illustration a plus.
Working knowledge of software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and/or Maya.
Working knowledge of rendering engines including Vray, Arnold, Redshift, Octane.
Working knowledge of animation techniques and cutting-edge software/plugins.
Excellent communication, conceptual, and presentation skills.
Ability to take direction and work in a collaborative team environment.
Curiosity and engagement with industry and cultural trends and developments.
Self-motivated and capable of handling multiple projects and tight deadlines.
Drive to produce top-level work that meets/exceeds industry standards.

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