The Walk VR Experience – Siggraph 2015


We had another successful showing of The Walk Vr Experience at Siggraph 2015.  Only about 25% of people who tried the experience actually made it to the end of the virtual wire, and many people faced (and were conquered by) their fear of heights through our experience.

Gizmodo was on hand and reporter, Alissa Walker has the following to say:

The most popular experience was actually about a particular type of walking. It was made by PlayStation Magic Lab and Create® VR to promote the new Sony film The Walk, the Robert Zemeckis-directed film about Philippe Petit’s 1974 walk between the World Trade Center towers.

Yeah, we’re talking about tightrope walking.

“What if I fall?” You can hear me asking the designers. I meant virtually, in the experience. Would I get some kind of “game over”? But I quickly realized I asked the wrong question. I’m not scared of heights. But apparently I’m terrified of virtual heights. I couldn’t move.

I ended up taking a few wobbly steps. Then I screeched and went tumbling over onto the concrete floor.

I don’t think I hit my head, but as I stood back up something had definitely changed. I started to see the true possibilities of VR.

Since this was my first VR experience which caused me bodily injury, I thought hard about what had just happened. (Don’t worry—I was bruised but fine.) And I realized that the future of VR isn’t about sitting and pointing a peripheral into space. It’s about getting up and moving through those spaces. Being scared is important. Falling down is good!

Read the full article from Gizmodo here

Create VR will be kicking off the world tour of The Walk VR Experience late September.


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