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Recap: E3 Sony Playstation Press Conference


Yesterday, a few of us hopped on the train (first time LA metro rider here!) and headed to to the E3 Sony PlayStation Press Conference. We were greeted with a plethora of local food trucks and unlimited beers as we walked through the entrance tent. After too many fancy mac and cheese plates and too few ice cream sandwiches, we filed into the huge auditorium to see what Sony had up their sleeves for 2012/13. Here’s a light recap:

– BEYOND – We are all excited about this one – The creators of Heavy Rain look like they are on to something fresh and original, and who doesn’t love Ellen Page?

– PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS – Our office is in need of a new multiplayer “battle royale” game and this looks like the perfect ticket for me to kick everyone’s butts during my lunch break. It was also cool to see our title showcased on Sony’s 14 screens. (actual footage of title during press conference).

– WONDERBOOK – Sony’s new peripheral has so much potential and “Book of Spells” is sure to please all Harry Potter fans out there. Although it had a totally different vibe than some of the more aggressive games announced today, I’m excited to see where Sony takes this one.

– ASSASSINS CREED III – Ubisoft looks like they are keeping their franchise fresh with some badass sea battling and some of the better real time graphics we’ve seen on current gen consoles. Water, smoke and explosions all looked amazing.

– GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION – Why fix it if it ain’t broken? This is the beheading, chain slashing, skull ripping action we love and hope for from the GOW franchise. From what we saw, the game feels even bigger and more cinematic than GOW 3. I loved how the entire audience cheered when Kratos sliced open a mini boss’s head exposing his brain dripping with blood. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

– THE LAST OF US – What a badass demo. No intro. Just a dark room, and you open on gameplay. Memories of the Uncharted franchise came to mind as we watched truly cinematic 3rd person gameplay that brought the entire audience to the edge of their seats. Naughty Dog has again taken cinematic gameplay to another level. Everyone is excited about this one.

That’s it for day one. A few of us are on the floor today in meetings and having some hands-on fun with the announced titles. More E3 updates to come.