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Streaming Trailer Company Los Angeles, CAIf you are looking for inventive professionals at a streaming trailer company in Los Angeles, CA, then look no further than us at Create Advertising Group. We know how impactful a trailer can be for the success of a movie. Film trailers used to be shown exclusively for cinema-goers only. But today, many people can stream from the comfort of their own couch.

Creating a memorable trailer is truly an art form, where the story must be communicated but with some air of mystery too. You’ll want the viewer to get the plot, but not give so much away that their curiosity is satiated. You’ll only have a couple seconds to reel in a viewer. Otherwise, they’ll quickly move on to something else while swiping through social media or browsing online.

Whether your budget is exorbitant or minimal, there are numerous ways to lure an audience into watching your upcoming movie. Here we explain further how to make  trailer that stops your viewer in their tracks and leaves a lasting impression:

The Film as a Jigsaw

It’s important that the film is pulled apart and becomes building blocks for the trailer. Think of a movie as a jigsaw, where you have to separate it into pieces and find parts that create a new and smaller, but no less powerful, picture of the full story. It can be useful to use storyboards as a way to narrow down the scenes that will be most effective for viewers. 

Your Trailer is a Story

A trailer should not only be a reel of the film’s greatest scenes, as just like any other edit, a strong foundational narrative is essential. Do not get too caught up in trying to tell the entirety of the movie story in such a short timeframe. Instead, create an adaptation where the trailer is built around the core theme. Think of it as a three-act structure where the beginning showcases the characters and conflict, then there’s a struggle after an inciting incident, and the ending features a climactic act (where the resolution is hinted at, but not given away). 

Show It, Don’t Tell It

As a team member from our CA streaming trailer company in Los Angeles may suggest, it’s best to avoid using excessive typography to tell the story. Your chosen scenes and dialogue should do this for you. The movie must be deconstructed and a streamlined narrative built, but that doesn’t give everything away. So in the minute or two your trailer is playing, viewers can string together what they see and understand the plot without too much being revealed. 

We are excited to hear about potentially working with you. To speak with a dedicated professional at Create Advertising Group, who is seasoned in trailer creations, call our streaming trailer company Los Angeles, California right away!