Create® sponsors The Saban Free Clinic Golf Tournament


Two of Create’s (self proclaimed) top golfers took on the competition this last week at the Saban Free Clinic Golf Tournament.  The 17th Annual Golf Classic took place at the breathtaking El Caballero Country Club where more than 80 golfers helped raise over $310,000 for clinic services.  Blue skies and great weather proved for a great round, and although we didn’t take home first place, it was a lot of fun, and almost as cool as being at the office.  A little about the Saban Free Clinic:

The Saban Free Clinic, in collaboration with strategic partners, serves as a medical home for the underserved and those who are most vulnerable by providing comprehensive, dependable and affordable quality health care in a caring environment.


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Hands On – Working with The Cambodian Children’s Fund


Create® has been supporting The Cambodian Children’s Fund for the past few years, and we currently have some of our team’s working hands over in Cambodia.  A note from Create’s owner, David Stern:

As some of you might know, our oldest son, Josh, is in Cambodia with his friend Sophia, shooting a fundraising video for one of Create’s favorite organizations, the Cambodian Children’s Fund.  Josh wanted us to share his impressions with you all….

“Cambodia’s pretty nuts. Its definitely a “developing” country, and the people are super nice and the culture is pretty awesome. I’ve been going around and checking out a lot of the CCF sites (there are 5, I believe), and they’re mostly in an area called Stueng Mencheay, which is right outside the capitol of Phnom Penh. The kids are amazing, all they want to do is play around and study. They’re just like any other kids except their parents either tried to sell them as kids, molested them, or just downright ditched them, which is pretty hard to take in. We met the cutest baby who was about 6 months old with bruises all over him from getting beat – super messed up. Every night Scott Neeson, the guy who runs CCF goes down to the community centre to check on all the kids and then walks through the village of Steung Mencheay to check on the family situations. Just last night he got into a fight with a mother of a child who was saying if you’re going to feed and educate my kid, you have to do the same for me (which just isn’t how it works). Scott knows the names and stories of over 1100 kids which is not just amazing but seems practically impossible. Everywhere he goes the kids run up to hug him and call him “papa” and the parents come up and ask for favors. Overall it’s been an amazing first few days, and looking forward to updating you guys with more info as we get settled in.”