Hotel T


Hotel Transylvania Teaser


Create® has been cranking away lately, and we wanted to showcase a one of our latest pieces (finished in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D). With a comedic cast of vampires, werewolves and skeletons, we infused our trailer for the upcoming animated movie with a playful blend of ghouls, gasps and laughs.

Hotel Transylvania Teaser





The heated rivalry between which side of the company holds the title of “Most Awesome” continued, as our Graphics crew and folks from the Editorial department fought it out on the paintball battlefield.

We hit the road and made the trek to SC Village to blow off some steam, show off our amazing shooting and strategizing skills, as well as generally look badass.

Both sides put up a hell of a fight, and no further conclusion was reached re: awesomeness, but good times were definitely had by all.

Lets Get Twisted


Let’s Get Twisted


After completing 46 minutes of cinematic cut scenes for the latest Twisted Metal game, we figured it was time to celebrate. To give the unveiling of the work the bravado it deserved, we transformed our graphics department into a theater of sorts – we brought in a bigscreen, filled the place with seats and sat back to enjoy the show. And as we know, no party would be complete without refreshments, so we went all out, hooking everyone up with tasty treats, delicious beverages, and even signature drinks dedicated to two of the game’s main characters, Calypso and Dollface.