The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Comic Con Multiscreen piece


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuted its first footage at San Diego Comic-con, and we’re proud to have played a part in bringing our old friend back in front of audiences. It started with the Entertainment Weekly iPad edition, where we designed an animated cover giving the world its first official look at Electro facing off with Spidey.

The tease continued with a brief announcement piece that played outside the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, telling fans to prepare for Electro’s arrival at the official Sony Pictures panel.

All of this culminated at Friday’s presentation, when Sony gave a special ultra-widescreen presentation of the footage. For this 280 foot, 11:1 aspect ratio screen, we started by generating a 20 second animated title reveal, announcing to the 6,500 fans in attendance that Spider-Man was now here.

A faint humming grows until the black curtains parts around the main stage’s screen, revealing two more adjoining screens on either side. Soon spider webs are shooting across the screen, ending with the reveal of the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ logo, which makes the crowd go wild.


We followed that with Emma Stone’s video message apologizing for not being able to attend- which Electro promptly hijacks.
Emma Stone was in France filming, so she did a taped greeting, saying she wishes she could be at Comic-Con… The tape begins to spaz out and then cuts completely. Flashes of electricity appeared on the screen and then we heard a creepy whistling version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Yep, it was Jamie Foxx’s big entrance. The crowd went crazy.
But the main event was, of course, the first trailer. It gave fans a taste of what’s to come, again presented in a super-wide panoramic view. To make the most of this special format, we seamlessly extended matte paintings, added alternate takes and angles, and augmented the visual effects in extreme high resolution.  It all culminated in surrounding the audience with Electro’s earth-shattering electric blasts, truly enveloping them in an epic Spider-Man battle.
Fans slept in line overnight for the chance to see world premiere footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and — judging by the cheers, screams and applause from the packed crowd in Hall H at Comic-Con International in San Diego — their devoted efforts were well worth it.

Create® also contributed several visual effect shots, including Spidey’s iconic web slinging.

We are all very excited to help bring the beloved hero back to theaters, and hope to show you more in the future!