Snowflake High School visits Create®


On Thursday, March 7, Create Advertising Group welcomed 20 students from Snowflake High School in Arizona, to our Culver City office. The students, who are currently enrolled in an editing/design class, made the trek from AZ to LA in a few vans in order to get an inside look at the glitz and glamour of the entertainment advertising business.

Jake Black, Jonathan Gitlin and Dan Pfister gave the students and teachers a tour of the facilities, walking them through the process of bringing a trailer to life. Editor Rich Valois showed the group how the editorial world works, while Gitlin and Black explained what goes into building motion graphics and vfx for each trailer.

While the Snowflake HS class was in town, they also toured Warner Bros studios for a behind-the-scenes insight on the movie making process. Both tours were organized in correlation with FIDM. It was exciting to see the students’ enthusiasm and passion regarding the work we do, and we look forward to perhaps seeing each of them in the workforce someday!

  1. This must have been an amazing experience for you guys! To have some of us small town kids visit you gus in the big! Maybe I could come visit you guys next week! I’m heading up there from Snowflake, AZ! Keep up the amazing work guys, you rock!!!! GO SNOWFLAKE,AZ IDM!!!

    Posted by Austin Cook

  2. Thank you so much for letting us come and tour your studio! It was awesome!

    Posted by Hanna

  3. No Problem! We loved having you guys!

    Posted by danp