Create Advertising Group supports Getting Out by Going In.


Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and distributing self-corrective educational materials. GOGI offers distance learning for men, women and children in jails and prisons. Their mission is to empower individuals with the positive decision-making tools needed to initiate and establish an extraordinary life, regardless of where they awake each morning.

Over the years, Create® has been making donations to GOGI, enabling the organization to keep providing men, women and children in prison with educational materials that help them make more positive decisions. With Create’s most recent donation, GOGI has been able to provide 2,000 books to inmates participating in the program. Now, the letters are flooding into our mailbox showing the gratitude these individuals have for the donated books.

In a very real way, we feel as though GOGI is making our communities safer because once GOGI students are released they have retain higher rates of employment, become more supportive and active in family life, and take on roles that help other people, instead of reverting back to the lifestyle that initially got them incarcerated.

“GOGI works because it invested in me. As a GOGI coach, I was given responsibility, accountability to others and afforded the opportunity to give back to the communities that I once harmed. Thank you GOGI for believing in me!”
Eddie Estrada

“I love GOGI because it has given me the opportunity to find myself again. And because I am able to continue to provide others the same tools to help themselves as well.”
Maria Carranza

“GOGI taught me that I had control of who and what I choose to be. I also learned how to love myself with all of my character defects. I believe that once you face your demons, you can live your life without regrets.”
DeeDee Zuniga