Reel for
Scott Rudin


We are proud to present the work of Create and are hopeful that we will be selected to cut your trailer on “Captain Phillips”.

We believe that Create can strike the balance of embracing the artistry that clearly went into making your movie while delivering a trailer that entices the audience into a commercially thrilling, “edge of their seat” experience.

We believe that’s what we do best, and hope you agree that our work proves it.

The success of Create’s efforts will firmly be placed in the hands of our top producer (and my partner) Carrie Gormley and our very best Editor/Creative Director, Mike Trice.

Carrie and Mike delivered advertising material for the projects below as well as your movies “The Queen” and “The Other Boleyn Girl”.

We look forward to fully committing their talents and the full efforts of our company to “Captain Phillips”, a movie that we are convinced will become the commercial and critical break-out success of 2013.

Thank-you for your consideration.

David Stern