E3 Round Up


Last week marked yet another successful E3 in the books. Although we are at the end of a console cycle, there are some exciting titles on the horizon that are really pushing the capabilities of the current hardware. We saw old clients, met some new ones, showcased our work, and played and demoed some of the newest games out there. Below are a few notable callouts:

EA – EA’s booth was impressive as always. The bluish white atmosphere was one of the slickest and felt the most “apple-esqe”. Their sports titles were some of the main focuses (who doesn’t love Madden?), but Crysis 3 was a graphical powerhouse that actually got me excited about a different FPS for once (cough, cough, COD).

NAMCO – Namco had one of the most impressive booth setups of the show featuring badass cars, a crazy stage, and of course, Snopp Dogg himself. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 looks good and proves that kicking ass twice is always more fun than once. Another random standout, was a title called “TANK TANK TANK!”. The Wii U version was fun…but the arcade setup was ridiculously addicting. 4 Player force feedback gatling guns were on hand, and having your actual picture attributed to your character made blowing up your opponents that much more personal. Good times.

MICROSOFT – Halo 4 looks amazing. Surprise surprise. Pretty much the busiest booth and longest lines throughout the convention.

UBISOFT – Ubi was promoting Just Dance 4 super aggressively this year, and it looks pretty fun. I have to admit, I’m more of a passive gamer, so Assassins Creed 3 was my cup O’ tea. Cruising seamlessly through the trees and ruthlessly murdering hoards of people using stealth tactics never looked so pretty. Also the maritime battle shown at the Sony press conference piqued my interest…

2K – Borderlands 2 had more cell shaded goodness and was an extremely fun demo to fool around on. Gearbox has it buttoned up on this one. Excited for Bioshock 2 (who isn’t?) and Xcom looks great as well.

SONY – “Beyond” looks really good and refreshingly innovative. Ellen Page seems like a good choice for one of the main characters and it’s exciting for gaming to take it up a step with the talent they are using. Little Big Planet Karting also looks adorable, and after spending considerable hands-on time with it, I know how solid a karting experience this is.

NAUGHTY DOG – I had to mention “The Last of Us” as I am a huge Uncharted fan, and this is another fantastic looking 3rd person game from the guys at Naughty Dog. The demo we saw was chillingly realistic and looks like a nice mix of scary violent and fun.

TECMO – Dead or Alive 5 looks great as always, and another fighter that has stood the test of time.

ACTIVISION – COD Black Ops 2 looks clean, although I am still content with MW3. It’s a guarantee that the newest iteration of the franchise will be as solid as ever when it drops.

SQUARE ENIX – Probably one of the more solid lineups for the upcoming year of any publisher. Tomb Raider will be beautiful (already is) and a guaranteed blast. Hitman looks like another great revamp, and since they built it from the ground up, the new physics really show well. The stealth mode and the killing variety look amazing. Finally, “Sleeping Dogs” looks like good ol’ fashioned open world fun, and may just replace my Saints Row 3 addiction. Extreme violence at it’s finest…now on the streets of Hong Kong.

Those are the most notable callouts of my few days there (actually playing and not in meetings). I know, I know. There are 100’s more amazing titles. But alas, I am only one man with so many hours in my day. Excited to play/work with these titles this year and always exciting to see what new surprises we will see coming into the holiday season.