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Golden Trailer Nominations are in!


The 2012 nominations for the Golden Trailer Awards are in! Congrats to everyone in both our Los Angeles and London offices for their hard work and accomplishment on this! The nominations are as follows:

Best Video Game Trailer
Resistance 3 “E3 Teaser”, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Create Advertising Group

Best Trailer – No Movie
One Direction: The Movie “Together”, Create Advertising Group

Best Motion/Title Graphics
The Amazing Spider-Man “Domestic Trailer 2”, Columbia Pictures, Create Advertising Group/Greenhaus GFX

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer
The Decoy Bride, Cinema NX, Create Advertising Group London

Best Foreign Graphics in a Trailer
Coriolanus, LIONSGATE, Create Advertising Group London

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer
The Woman in Black, Momentum Pictures, Create Advertising Group London