Create® Campaigns for “THE CAMPAIGN”


Cam Brady and Marty Huggins have earned our vote this political season, so we were psyched to produce not only a trailer for The Campaign, but candidate-specific ads.

The trailer shows off the skills of these two master debaters, and ensures us that the road to election will be full of handshakes, crossbows, and a whole lot of dirty fighting.

For the political ads, we figured nothing says America (!) like a team of glorious horses, fireworks and Mount Rushmore, so we integrated all of these iconic elements, as well as Mr. Huggins himself treating the Capitol building to a big ol’ hug. And having been featured on Hardball this past week, it seems like these two politicos are getting the attention of not only movie-goers, but the political journalism world as well.

The Campaign: Trailer

Huggins Campaign Piece

Brady Campaign Piece

Featured on “Hardball”